Steps to Buying a Home

When you are buying a home, everything matters!  That is why selecting a top Real Estate Team in Westford, Chelmsford, Acton, Littleton and surrounding Merrimack Valley towns to guide you through the process is so important! 

  • Choose a real estate team that has a proven track record.
  • Choose a team with Local Experience.
  • Choose a team that is professional and ethical.
  • Choose The Thompson Team


The Thompson Team Will Help You Every Step of the Way

Buying a home is an important decision and that is why partnering with a professional real estate agent who listens to your needs and understands the local market is so important to your finding the right home.

We start out the buying process by meeting with you to learn the needs of you and your family, your commute, your must-have list, and absolutely not list. This important step allows us to narrow the search and to ensure you find a home that you love!

Pre Qualification

Prequalification is one of the first and most important steps when buying a home. By meeting with a qualified mortgage partner you can determine what price you can comfortably afford.

Not prequalified? Don’t worry we can arrange for a meeting for prequalification during our initial visit or shortly after.

Start the Search

We get to work finding your home. Through our extensive network, we can help find homes, sometimes before they even hit the market. We use MLS and other tools to help with the search.
We will provide you with updates on homes on the market. 

Since we know the local market,the neighborhoods and often the history of homes and proximity to area amenities we can do a much more thorough job than you could by relying on online resources!

Showing Time

It’s showing time! We will work with you to coordinate showings of homes that meet your criteria.  Before we schedule, we will often visit these houses, research the home, the neighborhood, area home values and features of the home.

Find Your Home & Make an Offer

Once we find your perfect home we work with you to submit and offer. If the offer is accepted CONGRATULATIONS, we move on to the next step in the process.

Appraisal & Inspection 

In most cases, you will ask for an appraisal and an inspection.

This is an important step in the buying process, whether your inspection report is for information only or a prerequisite to your purchasing the home, we will work with you. Introducing you to contractors (if needed) and negotiating on your behalf.

Purchase & Sale

Once financing has been approved, the appraisal and inspection completed we work with you and your attorney (we can recommend) to create a Purchase & Sale Agreement for your new home.

Final Walk-Through

Prior to purchasing your new home, you will want to conduct a final walk-through of the home. It is often a good idea to have an inspector or contractor come with you and to have verification that any repairs required for the closing are completed.

Closing Time

This is an exciting time and we are grateful that you have trusted us to help you purchase your new home.

Our team works to ensure that there will be no surprises at the closing and that all of the details have been considered.


You have the keys, time to celebrate! While the steps to buying a home have been completed, that doesn’t mean our relationship ends. Please feel free to contact us if you need referrals to local contractors or information about the town and their services!

Are you ready to take the next step or to learn a bit more?

Give us a call at 978-844-0188, we would love the opportunity to work with you.